Alternatives for bitumen

Asphalt and concrete are ever-present in the transport infrastructure of the world. Are these expensive, unsustainable materials going to be replaced? Due to the importance of the experience, driving, walking, and cycling on paved roads has to be up for consideration. Paved roads form the veins of modern economies, accelerating it, easy and enough to […]

Kisii – Ahero Road

Kisii – Ahero Road Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) on 2nd of April permitted a tour to the media, on the Kisii – Ahero Road. This road as a big part of the Isebania – Ahero (A1) Road with 84 kilometers, the road goes from Kisii and ends just before the Ahero Junction.  That was […]

Emulsion Bitumen

BITUMEN EMULSION – WHAT, WHY & HOW?  What is Bitumen Emulsion? Bitumen Emulsion Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of water & bitumen. You might have this question in mind that oil and water cannot mix. The answer is that; this is possible by adding an emulsifier (a surface-active agent) with water before bitumen is added […]

Bitumen Tests

  Tests on bitumen  There is a variety of criteria for the assessment of the properties of bituminous materials. These are some of the tests that are conducted to evaluate the features of bituminous materials.  1. Ductility test  2. Penetration test  3. Softening point test  4. Specific gravity test  5. Viscosity test  6. Flash and Fire […]

Modified Bitumen

 Bitumen itself comes from the fractional distillation of crude oil, but that is not the only way of acquiring it, it also exists as deposits naturally. It’s a unique combination of excellent water-proofing, and adhesive properties make it stand out. Therefore, bitumen is being used for various purposes. There are so many benefits to this low-cost […]

Malindi- Bagamoyo highway

 The hugely anticipated completion of the Malindi-Bagamoyo road which connects Kenya and Tanzania has been delayed until the beginning of next year as African Development Bank (AfDB), the ones footing the bill, have yet to appropriate the funds for the project. This will eventually be a 460-kilometer highway that should have begun construction in 2016 […]

Nairobi road project

A Nigerian contractor has been charged with abandoning the job a road project in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, that has inflicted significant losses upon manufacturers and transporters in this area. The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) announces Reynolds Construction Company (RCC) as the responsible for the failure to complete works on the Enterprise-Likoni road junction, five […]

Advantages of bitumen 2

Bitumen is Safe The water can quickly drain through the pavement surface due to the bitumen’s porous form. The other benefit of this will be a reduction in the amount of splash and spray from moving vehicles. Therefore it can create excellent visibility in rainy conditions. “utilizing drainage wearing courses, made of porous mixes is […]

Types Of Bitumen

Bitumen is a typical binder consist of different types of materials like carbon and hydrogen. It is used mostly in road construction, and it is usually obtained as a residual product in petroleum refineries after higher fractions like gas, petrol, kerosene, and diesel, etc. are removed.

Bitumen History

Ancient Sumerians were the first civilization which started using bitumen in 4000 BC, they used it for different purposes such as sealing their boats and waterproofing towers and construction of buildings (e.g., The Darius Palace in Susa tower of Babel in Babylon) it was also exceptionally used for roadway coating (e.g., .the processional way of Babylon). However, there are claims that bitumen was in use even 5,000 years ago and before the Sumerians.

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