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Cement Bitumen

emulsified asphalt mixtures are more beneficial and better than hot mixtures, environmentally, economically, and logistically advantages over hot mixtures. However, the emulsified bitumen is at the attention of the scientist as structural layers due to their deficient performance and proneness to be damaged early by rainfall. Mechanical characteristic of emulsion mixtures can be enhanced and […]

Plastic Bitumen

Most of the industrial activities leave an enormous amount of waste, industries like factories, mines, and mills. Moreover, this industrial waste, city waste in the form of garbage containing non-bio degradable materials are also formed within the municipal limits. This makes up one of the biggest pollution offenders for the environment, and it places a […]

Rubber Bitumen

Developed countries in terms of the industry have 9 kg of wasted tires generated per person every year. For instance, in America, there are an estimated amount of 2 to 3 billion of illegal restored scrap tires. In the mean, while the same issue exists in European union but on a larger scale and with […]

Alternatives for bitumen

Asphalt and concrete are ever-present in the transport infrastructure of the world. Are these expensive, unsustainable materials going to be replaced? Due to the importance of the experience, driving, walking, and cycling on paved roads has to be up for consideration. Paved roads form the veins of modern economies, accelerating it, easy and enough to […]

Emulsion Bitumen

BITUMEN EMULSION – WHAT, WHY & HOW?  What is Bitumen Emulsion? Bitumen Emulsion Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of water & bitumen. You might have this question in mind that oil and water cannot mix. The answer is that; this is possible by adding an emulsifier (a surface-active agent) with water before bitumen is added […]

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